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Calving Season on the Farm with Friends

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

He takes a sip of his first cup of coffee, steps outside and says “hello” to Belue, his ranch dog and constant companion. They make their way to the barn, where his horse Catalina awaits breakfast and the beginning of a new day. There’s work to be done.

They ride off together, this rancher and his two best friends. He says a quick and silent prayer to a Higher Power as he asks that all may have gone well during the night, wondering if the coyotes he heard were up to no good or if, perhaps, there was a breech birth and a cow in trouble.

They search the edges of the pastures, the woods and the ditches. They look behind brush and boulders, for they know from decades of experience that an old momma cow will do her best to hide a newborn calf, protecting it from man and beast.

They spend the morning together, this rancher with his dog Belue and his horse Cat, then they have a bit of lunch and start again in the afternoon. Another day done and satisfied that all is well, they rest comfortably through the night and eagerly await the beginning of a new day.

It’s calving season down on the farm: a time to keep a little closer eye on the herd; a time to saddle up and ride.


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