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Primitive Camping to be Added for Horse Riders

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Announcing our future addition of primitive camping. We recognized an absence of places to spend the night for horse riders who travel through Alabama. If you travel Highway 231 or Highway 280, you’ll soon have a place to spend the night as you go to riding grounds. We’ve heard that horse riders from Tennessee sometimes travel to Florida to ride. When we finished, you’ll be able to stop here on your way.

While here, you may even want to ride some of the 12 miles of scenic and peaceful trails at our farms.

The details are still in the works, but we do know it will be primitive, except maybe adding a few port-o-potties. It will be a way to get away from the stresses and truly be with your horse in nature.

The sites will be close to Kelly Creek (see video above), where fishing or kayaking (in some months) is possible.

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